Recreation and Aquatic facilities need to embrace a combination of technical and social requirements to be successful.
They are community places and can provide experiences to celebrate performance, interaction, and relaxation. We bring solutions by distilling engaging design, programme and technical requirements, and economic considerations of each project. 
Our recreation and aquatic work includes 
- Master planning new and existing facilities 
- Design of competitive, learner, recreation and spa pools 
- Refurbishment of existing aquatic facilities 
- Development of water slide attractions
- Working with operation and management teams
  Projects include
  Aquagym - New Learners Pool Facility -  Christchurch
  Pioneer & Jellie Park Recreation and Sport Centre - Refurbishment -  Christchurch
  Avebury Park - Community Paddling Pool Redevelopment -  Christchurch
  Lido Aquatic Centre - New Water Slide and Play Area - Palmerston North
  Mount Maunganui Beachside Holiday Park - New and Refurbished Buildings - Tauranga
  Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools - New Spa and Entrance Building, Pools, Water Side - Hanmer
  Graham Conden Recreation and Sport Centre - New Facility - Christchurch
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